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Landscape photography by Craig Holloway

Haida 3 Stop ND Filter 0.9 150x150 Review

Not so long ago, the high-end slot-in filter market was dominated by Lee Filters. Sure, there were other options available - like Cokin - however almost invariably these brands were poor performers, either degrading optical quality or adding challenging colour casts to your images. Lee were really the only viable option for a photographer who cared about quality and needed slide-in filters. These days, that status quo is shifting, with several new players emerging on the market in recent times to challenge the dominance of Lee Filters. Today I will look at one such player - Haida, a Chinese filter manufacturer who is starting to become better known outside of their home market. I recently acquired a Haida 3 stop ND filter in 150x150mm size, and I will provide an overview of how it performs here.

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Zion Narrows Photography Tips

Considered one of the greatest day hikes in North America, the famous Virgin River Narrows in Zion National Park (Zion Narrows) is a photographers playground. Southwest USA is littered with slot canyons to explore, however the Narrows is somewhat unique owing to the fact you spend the majority of the time hiking through a river. The Virgin river creates some amazing photography opportunities, however water and cameras don't really mix to well so it's fair to say it adds an additional layer of complexity to this exciting slot canyon that the photographer must take into account. 

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Antelope Canyon Photography Tips

Upper Antelope Canyon is certainly one of the most challenging environments I've ever shot in. A photographer aiming to take home quality images has to deal with endless crowds (often bumping you or your tripod), loads of dust in the air as well as short and strict time periods to shoot at each location within the canyon. Preparation is key to success here, and I will share some tips from my recent time in both Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon and what I found helpful in nailing the shot.

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